Sunday, 12 December 2010

Good news already for Henlow campaign

Within days of the start of Bedfordshire Greyhound Action's campaign to close the dog track at Henlow Stadium, we have received the following message:-

Our local pub had an outing to Henlow dog track in Bedfordshire yesterday and my husband and I went along. There were a couple of people with placards at the gate – until I saw them I hadn’t really thought anything about the dogs themselves - if I had done, I would have assumed they were cared for. When I got home, I looked up information on the internet, and won’t be going again.

This is very encouraging, as, in our experience, for every person who tells us they will never attend greyhound racing again, there are many others who have also been put off from "going to the dogs", but don't take the trouble to get in touch.

Local Greyhound Action supporters have begun to hold weekly demos/leafletting outside the track as part of the campaign. For contact details/more info, see